A feral heart dog and wolf pack.
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 Appearances and Mods and More

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PostSubject: Appearances and Mods and More   Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:38 am

Basic and Common Appearances and Mods:

Item Pack:
mediafire.com ?1q444frx0777upm

Nature Mod:
mediafire.com ?vlm9gwml0l4c3di

Real Fur Mod for Wolves:
mediafire.com ?vt7opetd07qgatf

Texture Pack:
mediafire.com ?mo7x4bbnm9qoo6w

Moon Phases Mod (by Ruby):

Extra Snazzy Goodies:

Sci-fi Moon (by Tearless):
mediafire.com ?um5pyta0a33t9aw

Galaxy Portals (by Tearless):
mediafire.com ?bj1y4wjrwww918l

Metal Storm Interface (by Tearless):
mediafire.com ?h5gy6zyjosdw2j4

New Stars (by Tearless):
mediafire.com ?iq56lcyij4a0p8k

ENB Mod (by Red):
mediafire.com ?xtsqvg57e8x59a1
"ENB mod for FeralHeart works like a graphic enhancer. It will give your visuals a touch of bloom and more saturation making it feel more lively and sunsets and distant landscape more pretty. Just take note that I didn't create this mod myself, I just modified it so it would work with FH. The mod might make your game perform a little slower however. All you need to to is to download the files and place them into the FeralHeart Directory. Run the game, and press (Shift + F12) and the mod is on. Just remember to put the rendering mode to Direct3D9 inside the game. Otherwise this wont work. ~ Red"

Music Packs (by GreyKora):
Okami: mediafire.com ?v935p3vzp2w00zc
Death Note: mediafire.com ?85ojtl9yxd5d76f
GDW: mediafire.com ?n8yyt10kh6ibjo2
Wolf's Rain: mediafire.com ?glw4h3yxnsggcco
(These files will replace the default music on FeralHeart.)
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Appearances and Mods and More
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