A feral heart dog and wolf pack.
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 Mass markings (Both 2 and 3)

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PostSubject: Mass markings (Both 2 and 3)   Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:38 am

mediafire.com ?j3iw4t988bauv83

mass markings 3 ^

mediafire.com ?xdvzxo6zcnvdu1f

mass markings 2 ^


1.Download the files.

2.Save everything in the file you just downloaded in Feral Heart>Media>textures (and when I say everything I mean all the pictures)

3.Find the only item in the folder that isn't a texture (picture) the markings.cfg file and place it in your main FH file (the file where you see the exports, media, etc. files) and replace your old markings.cfg

4.Once placed there, you'll have all new markings, NOTE if you wish to go back to mass markings 2 simply repeat this process with the mass markings 2 link and everything will be back to how you'd like.

NOTE- A few markings at the bottom of the marking select options are messed up because of the coding, but don't worry there's still a mass of new ones, including the mass markings 2 and original markings.
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Mass markings (Both 2 and 3)
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