A feral heart dog and wolf pack.
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PostSubject: Ranks    Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:33 am

Pup Sitters: These are the wolves who care for the pups and keep them out of trouble.

Medics: These are the healing wolves of the pack. They are responsible for taking care of the sick and injured, perhaps tending to pups when necessary.

Warriors: These are the fighter's of the pack. With the alpha's permission they may fight of any intruder that may be a threat to the pack.

Guards: These are another fighting rank of the pack. They stay at camp to protect the territory of the pack and the members such as pups, teens, medics etc against Intruder attacks

Scouts:This is the group of scouts responsible for tracking prey, carrying and delivering messages, often patrolling the territory, and even occasionally acting as the eyes and ears of the pack. On occasion, in an emergency where the pack is outnumbered or in need, they may be called to fight with the warriors as a back up force.

Hunters: These are the hunter's of the pack. They are responsible for catching prey and bringing back a enough food for the whole pack.

Assassins: These are a rank that go to enemy territory's under cover and spy or attack.

Lead Hunter: This is the leader of the hunter's.

Lead Medic: This is the leader of the medic's.

Lead Warrior: This is the leader of the warrior's.

Lead Scout: This is the leader of the scout's.

Lead Guard: This is the leader of the guard's.

Lead Assassin: This is the leader of the assassin's.

Delta: They are typically one of the lower ranks. one of the rank-leaders that shows skill and is chosen to train to be a third to the leaders and the Beta. Often, this means that they are trained by the Alphas or the Beta in the spare time that is not taken by their regular duties. They are the next in line to step up to Beta, should the Beta be unfit for duty or if they retire.

Beta: The Beta is the second in command to the Alpha. They are also trained to be fairly well-rounded in several skills or areas, for if the Alphas are unfit to lead or retire, leaving no heir, they must step up for the good of the pack, or take over until such a time that rightful leadership can be restored. They are, in a way, personal assistants to the leaders, assisting them with their daily tasks and giving them a second opinion or thought in many cases of debate.

Alpha-Heir: These are the next in line for leadership. Typically, they are the offspring of the Alphas, and once of age, they also hold control over the pack, acting and standing in as the Alphas and only answering to them, until the Alphas are no longer able to lead or choose to retire. They hold the same responsibilities as the Alpha when ready, and they are often trained in the same fashion.

Alpha: The Alpha of the pack hold the highest rank. They have been trained usually since they were young to be well rounded in all skills, and they also are knowledgeable in pack politics, whether it's dealing internally or with other, external packs. Their word is the final law, and they are usually respected by everyone in the pack, if not looked up to. It is their responsibility to run the pack as well as guide their members in all pack decisions.
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